Threaded Metal Inserts

Delivering a Time-Tested Promise of Perfection

Since 1905, SEGEPO-FSM has supplied precision-crafted parts to top companies and premier manufacturers. From automotive to aerospace, to electronics, medical and industrial equipment. SEGEPO-FSM provides the quality and dependability expected.

SEGEPO-FSM is ISO 9001:2015 certified with documented quality systems. We are committed to continuous improvement that can be proven by the numerous supplier quality awards we have received from our customers over the years.

Advantages of Threaded Inserts

    • Improved fastening with plastic, rubber, and ceramic parts
    • More economical
    • Cost effective stronger assemblies and highly wear resistant


We use electronic inspection and ensure trouble-free assembly from dock to stock. We meet your quality requirements with pin fits, thread fits and close-length tolerances and clean every part thoroughly before shipping. 

Along with competitive pricing, SEGEPO-FSM delivers on-time every time, with free shipping on orders over 750lbs. With every insert, expect unsurpassed craftsmanship and relentless dedication to detail with any finish, configuration or application specified!


    • 1/8″ – 2-3/4” Round, Hex, Square
    • Special shapes and metric sizes upon request


    • Molded In Inserts
    • Heat/Ultrasonic Inserts
    • Pressed In Inserts
    • Self-Tapping Inserts
    • Stud Inserts
    • Custom design Inserts
    • Compression limiters


    • Brass Inserts
    • Copper Inserts
    • Aluminum Inserts
    • Steel Inserts Stainless
    • Steel Inserts
    • Bronze Inserts
    • Plastic Inserts